Computer Restarts Itself After Shutdown

Computer restarts itself after shutdown

When I shut it down, it appears to shut down properly, but a few seconds after it shuts down, it restarts itself. If you find that your computer restarts itself after shutdown then you need to take the situation very seriously, since the underlying cause of the problem can. Any files or internet pages I have been working on are lost. Are you noticing that your computer restarts after a shutdown.

Computer help: PC reboots by itself after shutdown - Read computer help discussions and get. Computer Restarts Itself - My PC running on Windows XP frequently restarts it self for no apparent reason. If you shut down your Windows XP-based computer, your computer may restart. Computer Help Forums: Computer Tutorials: Tips, Tricks. Therefore, the computer is functional after it restarts.

Computer restarts itself over and over

Answer The specifics would depend on the computer and operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, PalmOS, etc.), but in general this usually means the startup disk has. I did as told and know my computer keeps restarting itself over. What would make a computer reboot.? what do i do if my computer keeps restarting over and. PART1: I was just using my PC like usual, and then I. Hey, The first part I type is everything that happend before my problem, the 2nd part I type is my problem now. My Computer Keeps Resetting Over and Over Cause #1.

Many computer users may face this problem. my computer keeps shutting off and restarting itself over and over. it was working fine, didn?t get any virus warnings or anything. it stays on in safety mode, but. Hello, I have a Gateway computer that is restarting itself over and over no matter how I choose to start it. It is impossible to work with a computer restarting over and over. While on my computer, I recieved a pop-up to restart my computer for Windows updates. My desktop was "improperly" shut down and was recommended to restart is safe mode/ repair. If your computer keeps rebooting itself and leaves you. Have you ever had a computer that restarted over and over again.

My computer restarts itself

It started about a week after i got my cable Internet hooked up. If it does, it points to either the device itself being the cause, or. It restarts at any given time, but frequently if i. Any files or internet pages I have been working on are lost. You have searched for "My computer restarts itself".

Either when I try to open a program (Web browser, DVD-player or simular) or when. Computer Restarts Itself - My PC running on Windows XP frequently restarts it self for no apparent reason. My computer(XP) restarts repeatedly when i connect my old unboot(badsector problem) HDD. My computer restarts by itself for no reason within 10 sec-3 min after I started it. You might be interested in the following threads: New computer restarts itself. Best Answer: First, right click on My Computer, go into properties, click the advanced tab, and in the startup and recovery section, click the settings.

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